The Substitute

Author: W. W. Jacobs
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2004


W. W. Jacobs was an English writer, famous for his humorous short stories, particularly those relating the preposterous adventures and misadventures of sailors on leave. The collection Short Cruises contains some of W. W. Jacobs' most popular characters, including the night watchman at the docks in Wapping who relates the stories of his friends Ginger Dick, Sam Small and Peter Russet. 'The Substitute' is a humorous story narrated by the night watchman who has made two dangerous enemies - the office boy and the philandering skipper of a coal barge. The office boy is determined to catch the watchman doing something he shouldn't in order to get him in trouble. The skipper is keen to dally with his mistress without being observed. And the watchman would just like to nip off for a beer during his watch without anyone noticing. After a series of awkward encounters between the three protagonists, the situation is further complicated when the skipper's wife decides to pay him a surprise visit.