Srebrenica Massacre: a Dutch fairy story

Author: W H Oxley
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Published year: 2013


Srebrenica Massacre: a fairy story for grown-ups based on the official Dutch army report on the Srebrenica massacre. When the killer lambs' supply of soft tissue toilet paper runs out, the outlook for the goats is ominous as the Big Bad Wolf closes in.Srebrenica - the Dutch soldiers' contemptuous name for Srebrenica was Goat Country, scene of one of the worst massacres in post-war Europe. The United Nations persuaded the Muslims in Srebrenica to disarm, having first assured them that they would be protected by the Dutch Army. Result: up to eight thousand Muslim men were massacred by the Serbs. This fairy tale is inspired by the official Dutch Army report on the events in the Srebrenica enclave – it is all there in the report, right down to the last piece of soft tissue toilet paper.