Secondhand Souls

Author: Christopher Moore
Book #2 of Series: Grim Reaper
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Published year: 2015


Secondhand Souls is the wacky sequel to A Dirty Job, in which archetypal beta-male Charlie Asher becomes a Death Merchant. He’s one of many Merchants who follow their self-updating ledgers of names and collect the souls of the deceased in objects such as shoes, books, records, etc.In A Dirty Job, Charlie and his ragtag band of friends battle the Forces of Darkness and keep them from taking over the world. At the beginning of Secondhand Souls, the planet is still intact, but Charlie faces an obstacle to continuing his Merchant trade: His soul has been transferred into a 14-inch-tall creature assembled out of turkey ham and spare animal parts by his girlfriend, a Buddhist nun named Audrey. Now Charlie has a crocodile head, duck feet, a lunchmeat torso, and a 10-inch-long penis that causes him to faint when he gets an erection.Charlie’s 7-year-old daughter is precocious and disarmingly foul-mouthed — and also happens to be the Luminatus, a supreme agent of death who can kill by uttering the word “kitty.” Her dominance keeps the previously defeated powers of the underworld at bay. But when her “goggies” (the two pony-sized Hellhounds that protect her) disappear, Charlie suspects she may be losing her potency.The missing Hellhounds, plus the appearance of a banshee and three shadowy, murderous raven-women, point to a growing imbalance between the worlds of the living and the dead. Charlie, Audrey, and the returning cast of Death Merchants, cops, and a Goth teen must band together again to find a new body for Charlie and take on the otherworldly creatures threatening to destroy life as we know it.