Cosmic Tales 3: Missing In Action

Author: Richard C. Parr
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


When the crew take a break on a shopping space station, Captain Wingclipper takes the place of a missing actor to film a commercial. Meanwhile, the other crew members follow a suspicious runaway thespian who could leave them all stranded.WARNING! This is a Zed Lab Experiment!"The bed" description:A man is attended that delivering him his new bed. The time passes but nobody introduces him to effect the delivery. When two men finally transport it thin in his room, the man realizes that the bed is wrong. A model has been delivered for another. The two calls the shop but the salesclerk it informs them that it materially is not possible to effect the delivery. It happened something to his bed. It will need that the man brings him in the shop to discover what is happened.