Baril de Singes [Barrel of Monkeys]

Author: Rick Stinehour
Book #0 of Series: N/A
View: 99
Published year: 2012


In this adventure-comedy novel, Baron von dek Horn operates at his investigative finest. Summoned from the comforting chaos of Tumultuous Manor, his cozy estate in northern New England, the international consultant pursues eccentric global financier Wayland Bridgework and a collection of valuable flash drives that control the cyber fortunes of governments, banks and corporations.An adventure-comedy novel, Baril de Singes (Barrel of Monkeys) features Baron von dek Horn at his investigative finest. Upon receiving an emergency message interrupting a dinner party at Tumultuous Manor, the international consultant is placed on the trail of eccentric global financier Wayland Bridgework. The assignment quickly becomes a race to collect valuable flash drives permitting access to the cyber fortunes of governments, banks and corporations.Amid dancing with death, agreeing to star in a Hollywood film and facing his latent fear of giant ship propellers, Von dek Horn grapples with a growing attraction for Angelica Formica de Corcoran Bridgework Shumway, daughter of the rogue multibillionaire. And, when least expected, old nemesis Osborne Moeziz appears to further complicate matters.In the course of his desperate pursuit to rescue teetering financial markets and sort through his romantic inclinations, Von dek Horn is supported by his remarkably reliable Tumultuous Manor staff: Imperturbable and judicious valet Smudgely, the exceptional tea-maker and cook Mrs. Potsdam, and the mysterious-yet-efficient personal assistant Mia Kolpaux.