Author: Ray Timms
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2017


After Brexit Westminster was further rocked by news Scotland had voted to leave the UK.When a leaked email showed Scotland planned to overrun UK military bases and its oil platforms all hell breaks loose.Italian mobsters, a Swedish hitman and an ex-trapeze-artist-turned-assassin have all been hired to kill one man: Scotland's new King, Gavin Brewson, (supposedly a descendent of Robert the Bruce). Following Brexit and then the election of Donald Trump, Scotland breaks away from the UK and crowns an English council parking official ‘King of Scotland'. All hell breaks loose. Scotland's First Minister wanted a stupid king, one she could boss around and control. Instead she gets a headstrong, idealistic monarch. When Gavin is secretly handed an ancient scroll that empowers him to overrule the politicians, he devises a plan to nationalise just about everything. With their careers potentially finished, should the new King be allowed to enact his new laws, Scotland's First Minister and the UK Prime Minister hire assassins… with orders to kill the King. But instead of focusing on their target, the assassins get caught up in a jealous spat over which of them is the Number 1 hitman and who will get to assassinate the monarch. With the King about to take the short trip from Holyrood Palace to the Scottish Parliament Building, where the world's media awaits his pronouncement, D.I Frank Guardo and a squad of armed police descend on Holyrood… only to find a body covered with a sheet in the courtyard. Are they too late…?