Author: Arrand Pritchard
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2016


Aaron was reluctant to get involved in the University Mad Scientist Society. But perhaps it was just what he needed to win back his girlfriend (and in the process stop the hijacking of the whole space-time continuum). You have to read this book now to make sure it hasn't already happened!Mad-Sci-Soc? It used to be a University club, a crazy one, but then it morphed into something else. Something that was not quite definable and definitely crazy. How do you solve all the problems facing civilisation: cyborgs out of control, super-powered vigilantes hogging the digital channels and keep your girl happy? There may be a parallel universe that did not start in New York, 2123; a universe that does not start with Mad-Sci-Soc and a broken fridge. But that is always the problem with disturbances in the space-time fabric; nothing makes sense except to the time traveller.