Legs Through the Ceiling

Author: Gerrard Wllson
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2015


“What is it?” mum asked us. “Don't you know I am busy in the kitchen?”“MUM, THERE ARE LEGS IN HERE!” we cried out. “Legs?” she nervously replied. “DAD'S LEGS ARE DANGLING THROUGH A HOLE IN THE CEILING!” we told her, as we watched dad's legs thrash about adjacent our bedroom ceiling light.After Nathan is dumped by his girlfriend, he encounters a strange Taoist priest, and has many interesting debates throughout the night, but the next morning he finds that he has been transported fifteen years into the future. A revolutionary technology enables people to live and work in cyber space. People no longer want or need to drive cars, fly overseas, take drugs, smoke, eat junk food or worry about casual sex, because they can now do all of these things in a digital paradise. Nathan has a difficult time adjusting to the new world order. During a night out in a bar in cyber space a group of people attack a pretty girl and her mates. Nathan helps the girl fight off her attackers and discovers that he not only has super fighting skills but the girl he saved is Mary, the most wanted terrorist in the world. Now Nathan's life is in turmoil. He has to decide whether to help the government destroy the terrorist organization that is responsible for the threat of global warming returning, or assist Mary in destroying the digital world that could ultimately lead to the end of humanity. The line between right and wrong is no longer clear and Nathan possesses the ultimate power to change the future. This story blends adventure, Kung-Fu and gun battles, and a heart-wrenching romance all mixed together in a new science fiction romance like you have never read before. Experience Nathan's happiness, sadness, self-discovery and the struggle between life and death in this astonishing futuristic world.