Conversations with Wonka - Part Three

Author: Madeleine Masterson
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2014


Here we go again into a brand new Year, and only Wonka to help Owner press on. What with Life Planners and Financial sections, surely she can make it all happen? There is the usual casting back to the ancients, those Greeks and then we come across Wonka's favourite Edward De Bono. Plan as if you have the money! But will Owner listen? And what about Baba on and find outThis is the seventh Wonka story, and the third Conversations with - once more Wonka is busy advising, often from under the duvet while Owner slaves away at Life Plans and CVs and such like. She is on the verge of achieving and surely this New Year will ring in the changes! The Philosophers as usual range from the sunny disposition of the Greeks to the harder thrust of Mr Edward De Bono, a particular favourite of Wonka's. Decisions to be made, GPs to sort out and even talk of holidays. Is Owner ready for the wicked world of work? And what about Baba? Do read this account and see if you can keep up with Wonka!